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    Am I wrong in thinking this?

    A girl I knew at my first college who was so bright, and had so much promise just had twins.  She dropped out of college and went to a cosmetology school instead.  I feel like its such a waste of her skills, but she seems so happy.  I just don’t know how to feel.  Am I selfish because when I had a pregnancy scare my first two thoughts were “how much is the abortion pill?” followed by “who would adopt the baby of a fatass like me..? Thankfully I wasn’t pregnant, but I’d hate to change my whole future and waste all my previous hard work.

    What do you all think?

    — 2 years ago with 8 notes
    #teen mom  #young pregnancy  #love  #baby  #abortion  #adoption  #question  #what would you do?  #wrong 
    1. allreadylatethennever answered: everyones different. i think u felt confused b/c u didnt feel that way w/ ur preg. scare(me 2)
    2. marianascherbatsky answered: I think you’re not wrong…I strongly believe that a teen cant raise a kid. But maybe she’s happy because she has a real project now:her kid
    3. fwick answered: My best friend from high school married and got pregnant at 19. I still struggle with thinking she made the wrong choice, but it’s her choice
    4. leanlena answered: Each to their own… I’d abort if I’d fall pregnant right now, but a lot of my former high school friends already have kids (uh, and jobs).
    5. risaellen answered: I think you shouldn’t look down on cosmetology. It can be a very fulfilling career if you enjoy it. And she can always go back to college.
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